Sermons #18 – 1701-1800

Sermons #18 – 1701-1800

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1701.Killing the Prophets.1701

1702.Spend Time in Prayer.1702

1703.The Son of God-the Man.1703

1704.Carried out Sins Away.1704

1705.Honor the Son.1705

1706.The Son Gave His Life.1706

The following Sermons from 1707 – 1741 were added on February 14, 2020…

1707.The Joy Set before Jesus.1707

1708.The Altar of the Tabernacle.1708

1709.Grace Abilities in the Local Church.1709

1710.Mercy in the Local Church.1710

1711.Ruler in the Local Church.1711

1712.Ruler in the Local Church.1712

1713.The Exhorter in the Local Church.1713

1714.The Serving Ministry.1714

1715.Abilities of the Exhorter.1715

1716.Teach the Word Correctly.1716

1717.A Disciple of Christ.1717

1718.Worthy of the Calling.1718

1719.The Smallest of Sacrifices.1719

1720.Light of the Gospel.1720

1721.A Preparing Self for Eternity.1721

1722.Come to God for Salvation.1722

1723.Called & Chosen in Eternity.1723

1724.The Working of the Spirit.1724

1725.Seeing the Face of the Lord.1725

1726.Good Hope and Bad Hope.1726

1727.Hope of Eternal Life.1727

1728.The Good Grace of God.1728

1729.True Faith in God.1729

1730.The Mind of Christ.1730

1731.Christ is the Savior.1731

1732.Millennial Sacrifices #1.1732

1733.Millennial Sacrifices #2.1733

1734.Millennial Sacrifices #3.1734

1735.Millennial Sacrifices #4.1735

1736.Daniel’s 70 Weeks – Introduction.1736

1737.Messiah the Prince.1737

1738.All Israel shall be Saved.1738

1739.First of the Week Position.1739

1740.Messiah the Prince.1740

1741.Destruction of the Temple.1741

The following Sermons 1742-1784 were added on March 28, 2020:

1742.The Last Days.1742

1743.The Blood Covenant.1743

1744.The Everlasting Covenant.1744

1745.1st of the Week Rapture Position.1745

1746.Messiah of the Covenant.1746

1747.Destruction of the Temple.1747

1748.The Family of God.1748

1749.The Covenant of Blood.1749

1750.Priests Cheating the People.1750

1751.Daniel’s 70 Weeks.1751

1752.Messiah the Prince.1752

1753.70 Weeks of Years.1753

1754.The Last 1,335 Days.1754

1755.The Covenant of Abraham.1755

1756.70 Week Covenant.1756

1757.Antichrist Tent in Jerusalem.1757

1758.Sacrifice of Christ.1758

1759.The Right & Wrong Sacrifice.1759

1760.Message of the Covenant.1760

1761.Worship God in Spirit  & Truth.1761

1762.Plan of Salvation.1762

1763.Salvation of Repentance.1763

1764.A Helpless Condition.1764

1765.Singing Praises to God.1765

1766.The Covenant to the Chosen People.1766

1767.The Last Days of the Covenant.1767

1768.Beginning of the Tribulation Period.1768

1769.The Plan of the Gospel.1769

1770.God Loves Us.1770

1771.Covenant of Israel to the Local Church.1771

1772.Everything Counts toward the Lord.1772

1773.Think about Eternal Things.1773

1774.Old and New Covenant.1774

1775.From Dan to Beersheba.1775

1776.The Promise Seed for Salvation.1776

1777.First and Second Adam.1777

1778.Salvation thru the Ages.1778

1779.A Complete Salvation.1779

1780.A Religion of Worship.1780

1781.Eternal Life in the Lord.1781

1782.Kingdom of God.1782

1783.Jerusalem taken Captive.1783

1784.Eternal Security.1784

1785.Keep Fighting the Battle of Life.1785

1786.Spiritual Fruit.1786

1787.Fruit to Maturity.1787

1788.Adding to Your Faith.1788

1789.Love of Money.1789

1790.Keeping the Commandments.1790

1791.The House of God.1791

1792.Serve the Lord.1792

1793.Be Obedient.1793

1794.Serving the Lord.1794

1795.The Lord said unto My Lord.1795

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