Sermons #01 – 1-100

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01.  The Heavenly Position of the Bride of Christ.01

02.  The Highest Home in Heaven.02

03.  Planning for the Future.03

04.  Fellowship with Christ.04

05.  Who will be with Christ.05

06.  Heavenly City.06

07.  Heavenly Home.07

08.  The Light of the Heavenly City.08

09.  Your Job in Heaven.09

10.  Where will you Dwell in Heaven?10

11.  Hope for the Future.11

12.  The Selection of the Bride of Christ.12

13.  Respect for Christ.13

14.  The Church Age.14

15.  Obedience to Christ.15

16.  Are You Ready???16

17.  Spiritual Beauty.17

18.  Your Position in Heaven.18

19.  A New Heaven and a New Earth.19

20.  The Promises of God.20

21.  Love for Christ.21

22.  Seeking the Kingdom of God.22

23.  The Bride is a Servant.23

24.  Your Spiritual Relationship with Christ.24

25.  Serve Christ all of your Life.25

26.  The Evil Bride of the Antichrist.26

27.  The Heavenly Marriage Feast.27

28.  The Bride Made Herself Ready.28

29.  Looking for a New Heaven and a New Earth.29

30.  Quality of Life in Heaven.30

31.  Set Apart from the World.31

32.  The Rapture of True Believers.32

33.  The Absolute Truth from the Word of God.33

34.  Times of Refreshing.34

35.  Are You Making Yourself Ready?35

36.  The Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.36

37.  Serve God and not the World.37

38.  The Pattern of Life of a Church Member.38

39.  The Earthly/Heavenly Marriage Feast.39

40.  Fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.40

41.  Getting Ready for Judgment Day.41

42.  Position of Honor in Heaven.42

43.  The Wife of the Lamb.43

44.  Spiritual Reality.44

45.  Are You Seeking the Lord Jesus Christ?45

46.  Are You at Peace?46

47.  The Christian Race – Part 1.47

48.  The Christian Race – Part 2.48

49.  The Christian Race – Part 3.49

50.  The Work of a Deacon.50

51.  The Bride will have the Attitude of a Servant.51

52.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Part 1.52

53.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Part 2.53

54.  The Seven Blessings in the Book of Revelation.54

55.  The Door to the Church Members Heart.55

56.  The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.56

57.  Waiting for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.57

58.  White Robes in Heaven.58

59.  Living for the Lord Jesus Christ.59

60.  White Robes in Heaven.60

61.  White Robes in Heaven.61

62.  The Seventh Trumpet.62

63.  The Seventh Vial of the Wrath of God.63

64.  Tsunami:  1/3 of the Ships in Port are Destroyed.64

65.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 1.65

66.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 2.66

67.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 3.67

68.  The Last Generation.68

69.  A Volcanic Ash Cloud Encircles the Earth.69

70.  The Sixth Trumpet.70

71.  The Seventh Trumpet.71

72.  The Two Inheritances in Heaven.72

73.  Reward of the Inheritance.73

74.  Wedding Garments of White Robes.74

75.  The Bride of Christ comes from the Local New Testament Churches.75

76.  The Over comer is a Disciple.76

77.  The Full Wickedness of Humanity.77

78.  The Wrath of God, after the Rapture.78

79.  Volcanic Fire and Volcanic Bombs.79

80.  Dinoflagellates.80

81.  One Third of Ships in Port are Destroyed by Tsunamis.81

82.  Wormwood: a Falling Star – a Comet.82

83.  Wormwood: a Comet hits the Earth.83

84.  Wormwood: the Comets Chemical Composition.84

85.  Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions.85

86.  Pazuzu: the Ancient Demon.86

87.  A Disciple in the Local New Testament Church.87

88.  Earthquake, Fire and Brimstone.88

89.  Volcanic Eruptions Under the Oceans.89

90.  Volcanic Eruptions Warm the Water in the Oceans.90

91.  The Bride of Christ Wears White Robes.91

92.  A Warning of Future Tribulation.92

93.  White Robes given to the Faithful in the Local New Testament Churches.93

94.  The Crystal Sea before the Throne of God.94

95.  Draw near to God through Worship.95

96.  The Victor’s Crown.96

97.  A Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.97

98.  The Antichrist.98

99.  Body, Soul and Spirit.99

100.  The Two Witnesses.100