Sermons #09 – 801-900

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801.Watching for the Rapture.801

802.The Day of the Lord.802

803.Preach the Word.803

804.  The Lord’s Supper.804

805.A Call to Worship.805

806.A Journey of Faith.806

807.Wisdom, Discernment and Understanding.807

808.The Shedding of Blood.808

809.The Future of Israel.809

810.Come to Christ as a Child.810

811.All are Sinners.811

812.Come to Christ for Salvation.812

813.False Preachers.813

814.Spiritual Sickness of the Soul.814

815.Reality of Death.815

The Prayer of Jabez is on the beginning section of Sermon #815…

816.Abide in Christ.816

817.Speak the Plain Truth.817

818.The Commandments of God.818

819.The Simplicity in Christ.819

820.The First-Born Offering.820

821.7th Trumpet Rapture.821

822.Security of the Believer.822

823.The Restoration of Israel.823


825.Add to your Faith.825

826.Add to your Faith.826

827.Restored to Fellowship.827

828.  The Lord’s Supper.828

829.Seeking the Kingdom.829

830.  The Lord’s Supper.830

831.Eternal Life.831

832.Living Water.832

833. The Catching out of the Saints.833

834.  The Lord’s Supper.834

835.Living by Faith.835

836.Unclean Lips.836

837.The Judgment Seat.837

838.Love and Good Works.838

839.Don’t abandon the Local Church.839

840.Set Apart to God.840

841.Many Sons to Glory.842

842.Ask, Seek and Knock.842

843.Preach the Word.843

844.The Amount of Faith in your Life.844

845.Find your place in the Local Church.845

846.A Love for the Truth.846

847.Living for the Lord.847

848.The Bride of Christ.848

849.The High Priest.849

850.The Tabernacle.850

851.The Family of God & the Local Church.851

852.Salvation by Grace.852

853.Faithful to the End.853

#853 has a very low volume… You may have to turn your volume control up more!!!

854.A Disciple.854

855.All by the Spirit.855

856.Pray for Spiritual Direction.856

857.  The Antichrist.857

858.  The Second Coming.858

859.  The Faith of Eve.859

860.  Being Converted.860

861.  False Teachers and Preachers.861

862.  A Strong Delusion of False Teaching.862

863.  Age of the Gentiles.863

864.  False Teaching.864

865.  Prayer.865

866.  God knows the Past, Present and Future.866

867.  The Two Witnesses.867

868.  Belief in Jesus Alone to be Saved.868

869.  Living for the Lord.869

870.  A Church History – Deacon.870

871.  Unity in the Church.871

872.  Concern for Others.872

873.  Christ has all Power.873

874.  The Preaching of the Law.874

875.  Labor of Love.875

876.  Trials and Testing.876

877.  Antichrist Army.877

878.  Earthquake destroys the Antichrist.878

879.  David and Goliath.879

880.  Obey the Voice of the Lord.880

881.  We are all Sinners.881

882.  The Sinful Nature.882

883.  Judgment on the Unfaithful.883

884.  Draw Near to God.884

885.  The Promised Future.885

886.  False Sense of Security.886

887.  The Amazing Creation.887

888.  The Hydrological Cycle.888

889.  Total Depravity.889

890.  The Falling away from the Truth.890

891.  It is well with my soul.891

892.  Preach the Truth.892

893.  Spiritual Life.893

894.  Who can be Saved?894

895.  The Angel of the Lord #1.895

896.  The Angel of the Lord #2.896

897.  The Second Coming.897

898.  The Sign of the Second Coming.898

899.  The Passover Lamb.899

900.  Gain is their god.900