Sermons #08 – 701-800

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701.  The Lord’s Supper.701

702.  The Love of God.702

703.  The Last Generation.703

704.  The Last Generation.704

705.  Trumpets 5 and 6.705

706.  The Spiritual Kingdom.706

707.  Pagan Religion.707

708.  Spiritual – Angel.708

709.  Do You Love the Lord?709

710.  Serve the Lord.710

711.  Empire of the Antichrist.711

712.  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.712

713.  Growing in the Faith.713

714.  Your Life as the Gospel.714

715.  2000 Years as a Day.715

716.  Proverbs:  Book of Wisdom.716

717.  Scepter of Righteousness.717

718.  The Christ Child.718

719.  Sin unto Death.719

720.  Spiritually united in Christ.720

721.  The Ordinances.721

722.  Called, Chosen and Faithful.722

723.  A Better Resurrection.723

724.  Spiritual Separation.724

725.  Judgment Day – Service for Christ.725

726.  40 Weeks of Years.726

727.  40 Weeks of Years.727

728.  Worship God Correctly.728

729.  The Lord’s Supper.729

730.  The Day of the Rapture.730

731.  The Mahdi – The Islamic Antichrist.731

732.  Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs.732

733.  Spiritual Wisdom and Truth.733

734.  Study the Bible to know the Truth.734

735.  Spiritual Understanding.735

736.  The Long Path of Life.736

737.  Good Sayings from God.737

738.  Giving to those in Need.738

739.  A Haughty Attitude.739

740.  A Correct Reply toward Others.740

741.  Desire to do Right.741

742.  Control Your Speech.742

743.  Serve the Lord – Only!!!.743

744.  A Good Influence Upon Others.744

745.  Spiritual Knowledge.745

746.  Teach the Word of God.746

747.  A Spiritual Fool.747

748.  A Just Weight and Balance.748

749.  Human Pride.749

750.  The Coming Kingdom.750

751.  Our Journey through Life.751

752.  Set Free in Christ.752

753.  A Transformation of the Life.753

754.  Be Forgiving toward Others.754

755.  The Millennial Reign.755

756.  The Latter Days.756

757.  Serve God in the Church.757

758.  The Only Sacrifice.758

759.  Trust in the Savior.759

760.  Respect for the Lord.760

761.  The Reign of Jesus Christ.761

762.  After 2,000 Years.762

763.  Work together in the Local Church.763

764.  False Religious Experience.764

765.  The Mercy Seat.765

766.  The Red Hiefier.766

767.  A Personal Sacrifice.767

768.  Bitter Herbs.768

769.  Preach the Gospel.769

770.  Work Together in the Local Church.770

771.  How have you ran the Spiritual Race.771

Also, this Sermon #771 has to deal with a subject about the “Sin of Life.”

It is found in Hebrews 12:  [1] Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, [2] Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Greek word definitions:

1. Lay aside every weight: to put off or aside; to put off from oneself, whatever is prominent, protuberance, bulk, mass, hence, a burden, weight, and encumbrance.

The Greek word also includes the definition of: A tumor.

Neoplasm (from Ancient Greek: νεο- neo- “new” and πλάσμα plasma “formation, creation”), is an abnormal growth of tissue, and when also forming a mass is commonly referred to as a tumor.

1. Swelling, one of the cardinal signs of inflammation; morbid enlargement.
2. Neoplasm; a new growth of tissue in which cell multiplication is uncontrolled and progressive.
3. A tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue.
It has been my personal experience, having lived for now for 55 years, that most of the things and people in life are like a tumor…

2. Easily beset: well-planted all-around, describing what is encompassing (encircling), i.e. surrounding, “wholly around”; a serious hindrance that “encircles” (hampers) someone who desperately needs to advance. Easily surrounding, encircling and easily distracted. Well standing around, i.e. (a competitor) thwarting (a racer) in every direction.

Don’t let the “things and people of life” keep you from running forward in the Christian Race.

772.  Worship in Spirit and Truth.772

773.  Eve – The First Mother.773

774.  Give God Praise.774

775.  Thorn in the Flesh.775

776.  Finding Green Pastures.776

777.  This Wicked Generation.777

778.  Can’t Keep the Law.778

779.  Security of the Believer.779

780.  Judgment Day for us all.780

The original tape for Sermon #780 did not work, so I added a Sermon that was on the other side of Sermon #1075. It was in a Series about the Book of John. Sometimes, a tape messes up during recording or gets damaged in the tape player and I simply have filled in the spaces on the numerical list of Sermons on this Website…

781.  All are Sinners.781

782.  Love God, Because He First Love Us.782

783.  Security of the Believer.783

784.  Salvation in Christ.784

785.  Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.785

786.  Love for God.786

787.  The Sacrifice of the Son.787

788.  Keep on Serving the Lord.788

789.  The Sudden Death.789

790.  The Knowledge from the Lord.790

791.  Try to control the Carnal Nature.791

792.  Security of the Believer.792

793.  Those who are False Teachers.793

794.  Set Free to Love God.794

795.  The Feast of Trumpets.795

796.  The Mother of Jesus.796

797.  Souls in Heaven.797

798.  The Terror of the Lord.798

799.  Gathering of the Saints in Heaven.799

800.  The 7th Trumpet.800