Sermons #07 – 601-700

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601  Follow the Lord until Death.601

602.  Unfeigned Love.602

603.  The Millennial Reign.603

604.  Beulah Land.604

605.  Draw close to the Lord.605

606.  The Transition Remnant.606

607.  Worship God Correctly.607

608.  Beginning of the Tribulation Period.608

609.  The New City of Jerusalem.609

610.  Faithful Until Death.610

610a Kingdom of God.610a

611.  The Heavenly City is the Kingdom of God.611

612.  Set Free in Christ.612

613.  Seek the Kingdom of God in Truth.613

614.  You must be Born Again.614

615.  The Battle with the Flesh.615

616.  The Local New Testament Church/Kingdom.616

617.  Paradise Lost.617

618.  Rest unto Your Soul.618

619.  The Local New Testament Church.619

620.  Our Natural Born State.620

621.  Must Worship in Spirit and in Truth.621

622.  The Kingdom Attitude.622

623.  Babes in Christ.623      

624.  Three types of Religious People.624

625.  Where is the Kingdom of God?625

626.  Revive us in the Third Day.626

627.  Melchizedek.627

628.  Keep the Faith.628

629.  Be Faithful to the End of your Life.629

630.  Jesus is our Righteousness.630

631.  Judgment Seat of Christ.631

632.  Correct Baptism.632

633.  Labor of Love.633

634.  Knowledge of God.634

635.  The End of the World.635

636.  The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.636

637.  Kingdom of Light.637

638.  Everlasting Life.638

639.  The Just shall life by Faith.639

640.  Priest of God.640

641.  Holy Priesthood.641

642. The World Economy.642

643.  Spiritual Outer Garment.643

644.  The Ability to Serve God in Heaven.644

645.  Attitude of Self-Righteousness.645

646.  Four Wise Animals.646

647.  Fear Not Little Flock.647

648.  Marriage Supper of the Lamb & The Lord’s Supper.648

649.  The Mystery of the 7th Trumpet Rapture.649

650.  Are You Seeking the Kingdom of God?650

651.  Teach & Preach about the Kingdom of God.651

652.  The Universal Church Hersey.652

653.  Worship the King.653

654.  Spiritual Love.654

655.  Rise and Fall of Israel.655

656.  Are You Seeking the Lord?656

657.  Parable of the Sower.657

658.  Body, Soul and Spirit.658

659.  The Unpardonable Sin.659

660.  A Christian Way of Life.660

661.  Proclaim the Gospel throughout the World.661

662.  Proclaim the Gospel by Your Life.662

663.  Elders, Bishops, Pastors & Deacons.663

664.  Spreading the Gospel.664

665.  The Furtherance of the Gospel.665

666.  Sharing the Gospel.666

667.  A Christ like Attitude.667

668.  Observe the Ordinances Correctly.668

669.  A Christian Life Style.669

670.  Enemies in the Ministry.670

671.  Life of Troubles.671

672.  Do not Bring the World into the Local New Testament Assembly – Church.672

673.  Peace in the Local Church.673

674.  A Changing Attitude.674

675.  Don’t murmur in the Local Church. Part 1.675

676.  Don’t murmur in the Local Church. Part 2.676

677.  Confidence in the Lord.677

678.  Spiritual Growth.678

679.  All things through Christ.679

680.  True and False Believers.680

681.  Getting to know the Lord.681

682.  The Power of His Resurrection.682

683.  Press Forward.683

684.  Spiritual Changes in Your Life.684

685.  Trust the Lord to Solve Your Problems.685

686.  The God of Peace.686

687.  Peace in Life.687

688.  Worship God.688

689.  Worship God Correctly.689

690.  Things that are Just.690

691.  Good Report.691

692.  Run the Race to the Finish.692

693.  Walk in the Spirit.693

694.  The Age of the Earth.694

695.  Satan changed the Life Forms.695

696.  The Great Flood.696

697.  The Creation.697

698.  Love God First.698

699.  The Love of Christ.699

700.  The Tree of Life.700