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Beginning in January 2020, I will not be listing any new pages. I need to spend time elsewhere!!!

The following are a list of the newest contents, links and pages added to my various Websites.

During the week of December 28, 2019 these pages were added:

01.Climate Change

02.Cyclone News

03.Cyclone News 2018

04.Cyclone News 2019

05.Day of Darkness on the Earth

06.Drought The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

07.Earth Cracks

08.Earth Geological News


09.Earthquake News 2011

10.Earthquake News 2012

11.Earthquake News 2013

12.Earthquake News 2014

13.Earthquake News 2015

14.Earthquake News 2016

15.Earthquake News 2017

16.Earthquake News 2018

17.Earthquake News 2019


19.Floods 2018

20.Floods 2019


21.Major Earthquakes Increasing


22.Science in Revelation Part 01 Time Of The End

23.Science in Revelation Part 02 Tectonic Plates

24.Science in Revelation Part 03 Volcanic Hail

25.Science in Revelation Part 04 Underwater Volcanoes

26.Science in Revelation Part 05 Tsunami

27.Science in Revelation Part 06 Shaft Of The Abyss

28.Science in Revelation Part 07 Shifting Of The Plates

29.Science in Revelation Part 08 Planet Earth

30.Science in Revelation Part 09 Plate Boundaries


31.Science in Revelation Part 10 Light at Night

32.Science in Revelation Part 11 Cloud in the Stratosphere

33.Science in Revelation Part 12 Comet

34.Science in Revelation Part 13 Worldwide Cataclysms

35.Science in Revelation Part 14 Geophysical Isostasy

36.Science in Revelation Part 15 Ozone Layer

37.Science in Revelation Part 16 Flood Basalt Plain

38.Science in Revelation Part 17 Volcanic Winepress

39.Science in Revelation Part 18 Interior Of The Earth


40.Science in Revelation Part 19 Basalt Eruption

41.Science in Revelation Part 20 Afar Triangle

42.Science in Revelation Part 21 Mount of Olives

43.Science in Revelation Part 22 Gulf of Suez

44.Science in Revelation Part 23 Great Euphrates

45.Science in Revelation Part 24 Jordan Valley

46.Science in Revelation Part 25 Geba to Rimmon

47.Science in Revelation Part 26 Temple Mount

48.Science in Revelation Part 27 Jericho Valley

49.Science in Revelation Part 28 Great Worldwide Earthquake


50.Science in Revelation Part 29 Living Waters

51.Science in Revelation Part 30 Eastern Sea

52.Science in Revelation Part 31 Frost Free Climate

53.Science in Revelation Part 32 Desert of the Arabah

54.Science in Revelation Part 33 Judean and Negev Deserts

55.Sinkholes News


57.Tsunami News

58.Typhoon News

59.Volcano News 2011


60.Volcano News 2012

61.Volcano News 2013

62.Volcano News 2014

63.Volcano News 2015

64.Volcano News 2016

65.Volcano News 2017

66.Volcano News 2018

67.Floods 2019


On December 7, 2019; the following 24 pages were added to this site:

01.An Everlasting Father

02.Being In The Form Of God

03.Emerging Infectious Diseases

04.Gates Into New Jerusalem Kingdom City

05.Great Trouble In The Latter Days

06.Hudna Talks and the False Peace

07.I Am the Lord God

08.Intelligently Circumspect

09.Jihad Type Of Blitzkrieg Attack

10.Prophetic Teaching On The Antichrist

11.Security Fence and the State of Israel

12.Seven Headed Beast in Revelation

13.Signs of His Second Advent

14.Size Of The Coming Islamic Caliphate

15.Spirit of Antichrist and the Sword of God

16.Spirit of Antichrist in These Last Days

17.Syrian Antichrist Strikes Jews

18.Third Temple Cornerstone

19.Three Revelation Tribulation Woes

20.Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation

21.Vale of Siddim

22.Valley of Decision

23.Voice Of The Lord

24.Wars in the Middle East


On November 10, 2019; the following 25 pages were added to this site:

01.Alpha and Omega Comes

02.Blessed Remnant of Jews

03.Catholic Church and Daughters

04.Covenant Of God With Man

05.Great Empire of the Antichrist

06.Islamic Forces Attack Israel

07.Islamic Mahdi is the Antichrist

08.Judgment Seat of the Lord Jesus Christ

09.Land of Peace and Safety in Israel

10.Last Evil Kingdom Of Antichrist

11.Mysterious Melchisedec

12.New Jerusalem

13.Olivet Discourse

14.Passion of Christ

15.Promises to the Saved

16.Rapture Of All Believers

17.Resurgence of Islamic Unity

18.Revisionist Evangelical Movement

19.Rise of Islam

20.Sacred Religious Rite of Islamic Beheading

21.The Jewish Remnant in Israel will be Protected

22.The Lost Are Being Punished

23.The Tribulation Period Begins

24.Warning of Judgment

25.We Shall Be Like Him


On September 13, 2019, the following 21 pages were added to this site:

01.Age of the Gentiles a.k.a. The Gentile Age

02.Armies Of Antichrist

03.Establishment Of Mahdi Great Caliphate

04.Final Biblical Empire of the Antichrist

05.Future Judgments of Humans

06.Historical Message Of Christmas

07.Land of Promise in Israel

08.Tectonic Chaos The Great Split

09.The Absence of Light in Israel

10.The Assyrian and Gog

11.The Beast With the Deadly Wound

12.The Coming Shaking

13.The Day of the Lord

14.The Days Of The Kingdom

15.The Empire of the Biblical Antichrist

16.The Gentile Age 1260 Days

17.The Gentile Age 1335 Days

18.The Gentile Age Ends 1335 Days

19.The Glorious Land of Israel

20.The Great Ozone Hoax

21.Universal Ecumenical Church


On August 8, 2019, the following pages were added to this site:

01.A Sign of the Second Coming

02.A Time for the Kingdom of the Antichrist

03.A Time of End Time Trouble

04.Antichrist is not an European

05.Antichrist King of the North

06.Catching Out of the True Christian Believers

07.Jewish Feast Of Tabernacles

08.Jihad Toes of Daniel

09.Message In Tribulation Trumpets

10.Names Are Written In Heaven

11.Persia and Ethiopia and Libya

12.Revision of the Time of the Wrath of God

13.Roman Catholicism in the End Times

14.Syria and Iran and Iraq

15.The Bride of Satan

16.The False Comforter

17.The Final Judgment of Mankind

18.The Great Tribulation Flood

19.The Human Beast

20.The Resurrected Beast

21.The Revelation 144000

22.The Spiritual Kingdom of Darkness

23.The Spiritual Kingdom of Light

24.The Worshiped Beast

25.Two Kingdoms and Two Princes

26.Understanding the 70 Weeks of Years

27.Unspeakable Gift

28.Wings of Prophecy


On July 30, 2019, the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Antichrist will Arise in the Levant

02.Creation Groaneth And Trvaileth In Pain

03.End Time Pestilence

04.End Time Wicked One

05.Knowledge shall be Increased

06.Lack of Spiritual Growth

07.Revelation Beast Union Of Eight Kingdoms

08.Revelation Beatitudes of the Everlasting Gospel

09.Revelation Shaking of the Earth

10.Satan and Demons

11.Seleucid Kings and Ptolemy Kings

12.Servant Israel Glorifies God by Jesus

13.Seventh Trumpet Events

14.Seventy Weeks of Years

15.Sheba and Dedan and the Merchants of Tarshish

16.Shell of Salt from a Jordan Rift

17.Ships were Destroyed

18.Significant Events

19.Slime Pits of Siddim

20.Smite the Shepherd of the Flock

21.Song of Moses Latter Day Series

22.Soon It Will Be Too Late


24.They Repented Not

25.They Shall Not Escape

26.Visitation of the Lord

27.What is the Everlasting Gospel in Revelation

28. Workmanship of God


On June 23, 2019: the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.As Ye See the Day Approaching

02.In the Latter Days on the Wings of a Great Eagle

03.Last 1335 Days before Armageddon

04.Millennial Preachers and Survivors

05.Name Number Mark of the Beast

06.Prophecy 17

07.Prophecy 18

08.Prophecy 19

09.Prophecy 20

10.Prophecy 21

11.Prophecy 22

12.Prophecy 23

13.Prophecy 24

14.Prophecy 25

15.Prophecy 26

16.Prophecy 27

17.Prophecy 28

18.Prophecy 29

19.Prophecy 30

20.Prophecy 31

21.Prophecy of 70 Weeks

22.Prophesied Events In Middle East

23.Revealing Jesus The Christ

24.Time of Trouble in Israel Part 5-12

25.Vicious Surprise Attack From Syria

26.Voice Of The Seventh Angel

27.Work of Each Local Church

28.Year of the Second Coming of Christ


On June 7, 2019: the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Antichrist the Beast

02.Daniel 9:27 Pre 1740 Prophecy

03.Ezekiel 38 And 39

04.First 5 Revelation Seals

05.Mount of Olives Splits

06.Peace and Safety in Israel

07.Peace with Security in Israel

08.Perilous Days On The Earth

09.Pestilences In Divers Places

10.Plague of the Revelation Hail

11.Pope Damascus Address

12.Prophecy 01

13.Prophecy 02

14.Prophecy 03

15.Prophecy 04

16.Prophecy 05

17.Prophecy 06

18.Prophecy 07

19.Prophecy 08

20.Prophecy 09

21.Prophecy 10

22.Prophecy 11

23.Prophecy 12

24.Prophecy 13

25.Prophecy 14

26.Prophecy 15

27.Prophecy 16

28.Time of Trouble in Israel Part 1-4


On May 21, 2019: the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Assyrian Land Claims

02.Daughter of Troops

03.Earthquakes 19 Year Cycles

04.First Advent Light

05.He is Risen

06.Israel Will Flee Into The Negev

07.Middle East War Is Inevitable

08.Middle East Zone

09.Millennial Kingdom

10.Millennial Spring Source

11.Nation of Israel in Revelation

12.Negev Wilderness

13.New Israel Study 1

14.New Israel Study 2

15.New Israel Study 3

16.New Israel Study 4

17.Nuclear Weapons in Israel

18.Oath of Fealty Foreshadows

19.Old Testament Scriptures

20.One or Two Wars Before Armageddon

21.Orge Wrath And A Thumos Wrath

22.Ozone Hole Donkey Theory


24.Prophetic Years Since the Cross

25.The 1335 Days of the 70 Weeks

26.Tribulation Horrors In Old World

27.When the Tribulation Begins

28.Wrath Pours on Earth


On May 16, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Age Of The Gentiles Ends

02.Ancient Of Days And The Son Of Man

03.Child in a Manger

04.Evil Mankind

05.Islam War has Arisen

06.Jerusalem Earthquake Damage

07.Jerusalem Falls During the Jihad

08.Jerusalem Prophecies

09.Jesus is the Greatest

10.Jewish Graveyard

11.Jihad from Syria

12.Jihad Holy War

13.King of Israel

14.Land Grant Fulfillment

15.Land of Magog

16.Land of Magog Peoples

17.Light and Darkness

18.Lightning Jihad

19.Meshech and Tubal

20.Messiah the Prince

21.Michael the Archangel

22.Michael the Great Archangel


24.Tabernacles Of His Palace

25.Tectonic Chaos

26.War of the Age of the Gentiles


28.Wrath Of God Is Revealed


On May 6, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Contend For The Faith

02.Correctly Worship God

03.Gentile Age Ends

04.Gog is the Antichrist of Satan

05.Home for Israel for 1,260 Days

06.Horns of the Beast

07.House of Israel

08.Humanity in Deep Waters

09.I Am The Lord

10.If and How and When

11.In The Name Of The Lord

12.In These Last Days

13.Isaiah chapter 66

14.Islam Cast Out This Bondwoman And Her Son

15.Islamic Caliph to Attack Israel

16.Islamic Conglomerate

17.Islamic Jihad in the Middle East

18.Islamic Leaders

19.Islamic Mahdi

20.Islamic Neighbors

21.Islamic Terrorists


23.Israel Due for a Big Earthquake

24.Israel Shall Experience Her Final Holocaust

25.Land of Conquerors and Confusion

26.Messiah for Israel

27.Rapture and Second Advent

28.Souls to be Saved


On April 26, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Antichrist Jihad Birthed in ISIS

02.Armageddon 2nd Advent Of Christ

03.Baptized For A Graveyard Body

04.Beginning of the 70 Weeks

05.Christmas Choice

06.First Advent to the Second Advent

07.Fleeing Through a Valley to Safety

08.Follow Jesus Into His Heavenly City

09.Fossil Waters

10.From Now to Armageddon

11.Fullness of God

12.Fullness Of The Godhead Bodily

13.Future Rude Awakening

14.Glorification of Son of Man

15.God Tabernacles with Man

16.Gog and Magog in the Koran Prophecies

17.Greatest Gift To Mankind

18.He is the Antichrist

19.Holy War

20.Jacobs Trouble

21.Kaphar Manger Child

22.Lion of Judah


24.Russia Land Of Magog

25.Salvation Brings Great Joy

26.Seals 4 and 5 to the 2nd Advent

27.The Slaughterhouse

28.Tribulation Chaos Phenomenons


On April 18, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Believers Do Not Be Afraid Of Tribulation Period

02.Blitzkrieg Strike into Israel

03.But Before All These

04.Catholics, Muslims and Jews

05.Chief Prince of MESHECH and TUBAL

06.Creation By The Eternal God

07.Day Of The Lord Is Near

08.Desolation of Jerusalem

09.Destroy Diaphtheiro διαφθείρω

10.Disciples Don’t Fall Away

11.Earthquakes Past and Future in Israel

12.Earthquakes on the Temple Mount

13.End Time Beast of the Book of Revelation

14.Escaping by Grace

15.Eternal Long Home

16.Famine in the End Times

17.Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes and Jesus

18.Final 1335 Days Of Week 70

19.Final Gentile Age War

20.Islamic Nations Against Israel

21.Israel Countdown To A False Peace

22.Israel False Peace Sense Of Security

23.Jerusalem Through The Mount Of Olives

24.Land Grant of Enemies

25.Promises Of The Great Covenant

26.The 2nd Advent And The Temple

27.Time of the End 1260, 1290 and 1335 Days

28.Year of the Second Coming of Christ


On March 31, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Antichrist and his Army

02.Antichrist and his Army

03.Antichrist Will Lead Attack On Israel

04.Antichrist Will Lead Attack On Israel

05.Antichrist Will Treat Women with Disrespect

06.Arab Nations Attack Israel

07.Arabah Fault

08.Armageddon Series

09.Ashes of Red Heifer

10.Atomic War in Israel

11.Attack of Gog

12.Attack On The City Of Ariel

13.Awaiting The Final Rest

14.Battle of Armageddon

15.Beatitude Teachings

16.Before the Battle of Armageddon

17.Believers Earth Time

18.Besieged by their Enemies

19.Bible Study Series

20.Earthquake In The Jordan Valley

21.Historical Rapture Teachings

22.Hudna Style Peace For Israel

23.Hyperbole In Prophecy

24.Israelis in the Negev Wilderness

25.Loimos Infections

26.Moment of Death

27.The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

28.The Son of David


On March 20, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.Exposition Of 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12

02.Exposition of Ezekiel 38

03.Exposition of Isaiah 61

04.Exposition Of Psalm 102:11-22

05.Exposition Of Psalm 110

06.Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews

07.Fiery Chaos Judgment

08.Fire and Brimstone

09.Gap Theory of Creation


11.Great Valley Through The Mount Of Olives

12.HE Shall Confirm The Covenant

13.Holy City Kingdom

14.Judgment of Living Goats

15.Light of the Gospel

16.Names as the Godhead Fullness

17.Nations Gather to Armageddon

18.Pray After This Manner

19.Rejected Son Returns

20.Saved Are Caught Up When Trumpet 7 Sounds

21.The King Who Is a Star

22.The Majority Pre-1740 Interpreters

23.The New Islamic Caliphate

24.The Trumpets Placement

25.The Word Abomination

26.Warning of Three Woes

27.Wormwood Stinks

28.Zion Baptist Church of Northwest Arkansas


On March 4, 2019; the following 28 pages were added to this site:

01.The Son Of Man Coming In The Clouds

02.Alive and Coming Soon to Rule and Reign

03. Noah and The Coming Of The Son Of Man

04.Baptist Faith

05.Blood-Like Substance

06.God Digs a River Bed

07.God Divides the Great City

08.God Fills His Breadbasket

09.God Heals the Eastern Sea

10.God Splits a River

11.God Waters His Breadbasket

12.God Weaves a Breadbasket

13.The Seals, The Trumpets and The Vials

14.Hosea’s 1000 Year Days

15.How Large is the Antichrist’s Kingdom?

16.In The Days Of These Kings

17.One Another

18.Seat of Satan


20.The 6th Seal – The Wrath Of The Lamb

21.The Antichrist Horn

22.The Disciples Asked The Lord Three Questions

23.The Lord Will Come As A Thief In The Night

24.The Remnant Of Israel

25.The Seven Trumpets And The Seven Vials

26.The Sounding Of The Trumpets – Are You Ready

27.The Vials of the Wrath of God

28.What are You doing for GOD


On February 17, 2019; the following 30 pages were added to this site:

01.Antichrist Shall Arise Out Of Greater Syria

02.Birth Pangs from the Bottomless Pit

03.Burning Mountains and Bloody Seas

04.Chalaza, Pur and Haima

05.Day of Evaluation

06.Every Eye Shall See Him

07.Fleeing Mountains and Islands

08.God Forms a Dry Highway

09.God Forms a Spring on a Temple Mount

10.God Lifts His Land and His City

11.God Restructures the Jordan Valley

12.God Slowly Forms a Great Valley

13.God Smites the Great Euphrates

14.Light at Night

15.Name of the LORD

16.Noisome and Grievous Sores

17.Shaking Earth, Heaven and Falling Stars

18.Sinking Ships and Shaking Shores

19.The 1,260 Days

20.The 10 Toes of Daniel and the 10 Horns of Daniel

21.The 13th Chapter of Revelation

22.The Great Winepress Of God

23.The Heavens Departs

24.The Idumean Winepress

25.The Moon into Blood. What does this mean?

26.The Shaft Abyss

27.The Valley of Decision

28.Will You Live Outside the Heavenly City?

29.Will You receive an Inheritance in Heaven?

30.Worship God


On February 8, 2019; the following 27 pages were added to this site:

01.A Well Done

02.Age Of The Gentiles

03.Anger and Wrath of God

04.Antichrist Islamic Attack Events

05.Are You Doing A Good Work?

06.Are You Teachable as a Christian Believer?

07.Behold, I Am Coming Quickly

08.Earthquakes in the Bible

09.Flood and Fire

10.GOD sent Angels to Destroy

11.Great Tribulation Period

12.In the Clouds

13.In the Days of Peleg

14.Nation Against Nation

15.Parable of the Talents and the Ten Pounds

16.The Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ

17.The Beginning and the End

18. Remembrance and The Judgment Seat of Christ

19.The First Revelation Woe

20.The Islamic Antichrist

21.The Rapture of the Saved

22.The Reality of Hell

23.The Sea and the Waves Roaring

24.The Second Revelation Woe #02

25.Trumpets and Vials of Revelation

26.Volcanic Hailstorm

27.Who Will Be The Biblical Antichrist?


On February 3, 2019; the following page was added:

01.Earth Magnetic Field


On January 25, 2019; the following 21 pages were added to this site:

01.A Junky Generation

02.A Plot of Land

03.Almighty – Ruler of All

04.Ancient of Days

05.Book of Life



08.Dispensational Transition

09.End of the World

10.Islam is the Religion of the Antichrist


12.Quite in the New Testament

13.Revelation Tribulation Audio Bible Sermons List

14.The 7th Trumpet Rapture

15.The Biblical Antichrist

16.The Fury of the Lord

17.The Great Tribulation Period in Images

18.Ungodly Humanity Blaspheme the Name of the True God of Heaven

19.What is a Church???

20.Wicked of the World


Hope these studies enrich your life…