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01.     Why Earthquakes in the East are so much more Dangerous Nov 29, 2021
02.     Why China’s Largest Volcano Is So Unusual Nov 17, 2020


Hi. My name is Roman and I make educational (mostly science-related) videos for my YouTube-channel Deep Dive.

I picked that name for a good reason. I really like making comprehensive, in-depth videos, particularly about topics that are rarely discussed, or at the very least not in such a manner.
Because of the amount of care I have to take when choosing, researching and presenting a topic, to meet the high bar I have set for myself, the financial aspect of this project is, however, a bit of a headache.
When it comes to ad-revenue, making a single video per month (even if I could get to that point) is simply not a sustainable business model.

There seems to be no way around finding additional revenue streams and Patreon seems to be the easiest and most obvious choice and one that many of you had already generously asked for.

So thanks to everyone who participates and helps me make more videos for you.